Sunday, 26th May 2024

Vatican Museum

A  highlight of any trip to Rome is a visit to the Vatican Museum. As one of the largest and most precious collections of art and sacred objects in the world, the Vatican Museum offers the pilgrim a special opportunity to experience the glorious history of Rome and the Church in a special way.

In order to avoid the long lines for entrance to the museum, it is highly recommended to buy tickets online prior to your visit.  Purchase tickets for the Vatican Museum.

To learn more about the Vatican Museum, please visit their website:

The Vatican Museum Online

Guided Tours of the Vatican Museum (including Sistine Chapel) and Vatican Gardens
With the incredible vastness of the Vatican Museum, a guided tour is a great way to experience all that the museum has to offer. Please visit Vatican Museum Guided Tour for information.

Please note that tours of the Vatican Gardens are available as well. The tour of the gardens brings the pilgrim behind the walls of Vatican City and provides an intimate look at its beauty.