Saturday, 17th August 2019


Founded in 1628, this is the last of the many Irish Colleges that is still a seminary from the many that were once scattered over Europe when it was not possible to educate priests in Ireland. Today the College is home to two seminarian communities, one Irish the other American, as well as a sizable international post-graduate community. On this site you will find information about the College and its ongoing mission of formation.

The College organises different events for the Irish and for the wider international community in Rome. Over thirty couples from Ireland celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage at the College last year. Conferences and courses are hosted during the Summer months on different aspects of religion, safeguarding, liturgical music, ongoing faith formation and culture. Should you require further information on any forthcoming events just follow the appropriate links on this site. You may also access our library catalogue as well as see photographs recording some of the more recent events in the life of the Pontifical Irish College.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Thank you for visiting the Pontifical Irish College.

Monsignor Ciarán O’Carroll
Pontificio Collegio Irlandese