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Church Documents

Before a couple can enter a valid Catholic marriage, they need documentary proof that they are free to marry. These documents are to be obtained by each partner from his/her local parish and should reach us not less than one month before the day of the wedding.  Your parish clergy should be notified at least five months before the wedding to allow the necessary documents to be prepared.  The principal documents needed are the following:

  • Pre-nuptial enquiry form  for each party (obtained from your present parish.)
  • Baptismal certificate, issued from the parish of your baptism and dated within the last six months (an old certificate from your Confirmation days will not do).
  • Confirmation certificate issued from the parish of your confirmation and dated within the last six months.
  • Permission from the bride’s Parish Priest (or one of his curates) that she may be married outside her own parish.

When these documents have been gathered for both parties, they should be forwarded by the bride’s parish priest to his bishop for a covering letter  and then dispatched to the Irish College at the address on page 1.

In particular circumstances, some extra documents may be required. Your local clergy will say whether these are needed:

  • Letters of freedom from places where either party has lived for a considerable period since their sixteenth year.
  • Mixed marriage dispensation: all the papers for a mixed marriage are prepared by the priest of the Catholic partner.
  • Where required, a document certifying the cessation of a previous bond, e.g. a death certificate, or a decree of nullity
  • Where required, a document certifying the dispensation of an impediment.

When completing forms, you will be asked the name of the Church in Rome which is St. John Lateran and also the name of the priest in charge of arrangements in Rome, who is Reverend Paul Finnerty.


Attendance at a pre-marriage course is strongly recommended for all couples getting married in Rome. Suitable courses are held regularly under the direction of Accord. For information, see Alternatively, a couple might prefer to enrol in an Engaged Encounter weekend. Your local clergy will advise how to go about attending either of these.

If you would like further information, or to inquire about booking a wedding date, please contact the Wedding office.

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