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Sant’Egidio Community Lunch with Guests 2019

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Fr Roberto Cherubini presides at Mass in the College Chapel of All the Saints of Ireland, 1st May 2019 – Images courtesy of Tino Veneziano

On the 1st of May, Memorial of St Joseph the Worker, and the festa del lavoro here in Italy, the Irish College community hosted approximately four hundred guests as well as volunteers for Mass followed by lunch. Fr Roberto Cherubini, a member of the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, and a friend of the Irish College over many years, was the chief celebrant of the Mass. 

For more information about the Comunità di Sant’Egidio click here

This time of prayer and shared meal has become a well-established annual occasion on the Irish College Calendar. It is an opportunity for us, seminarians and priests, to minister alongside the members of the Comunità di Sant’Egidio here in Rome.

Entertainment for the Guests after Lunch – Images courtesy of Tino Veneziano

All of the Irish seminarians at the College complete at least one pastoral placement with the Comunità during their time of formation in the city. 

For more images from the day please click here. 

Holy Week and Easter 2019

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Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite LPLT [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

The Paschal Triduum at San Silvestro

The College community will be joining the Pallottine Fathers and their community at the Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite (click on this link for a map) to celebrate the Easter Triduum.

Please scroll down for the full details of the times of liturgies. 


Easter Sunday at the Irish College

On Easter Sunday, the Mass of the Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection will be celebrated in the College Chapel at 10am. 






Times of Liturgies

The following are the times for the liturgies for Holy Week and Easter 2019. All are welcome.

Holy Thursday, 18th April: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 17.00 (San Silvestro in Capite)

Good Friday, 19th April: Celebration of the Lord’s Passion at 17.00 (San Silvestro in Capite)

Holy Saturday, 20th April: The Easter Vigil at 20.00 (San Silvestro in Capite)

Easter Sunday, 21st April: Mass at 10.00 (Irish College Chapel)

St Patrick’s Day 2019

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The annual St Patrick’s Day Mass for the Irish in Rome, and all those devoted to St Patrick, will be celebrated at St Patrick’s Church, Via Boncompagni, 31, on Sunday, 17th March 2019 at 10.30am. To view the location of St Patrick’s Church on the map, click here.

Please note: there will not be Mass at the Irish College that day.

On Saturday 16th March, the College community welcome you to join them for a Concerto Cristologico in honour of St Patrick to be led by the Circolo di San Pietro. To conclude the evening’s celebrations in honour of our patron saint, refreshments will be served. You are invited to gather at the College from 5:30pm. The Concerto Cristologico will commence at 6pm.

Please send an email to if you intend to join us on the evening.

Christmas Arrangements at the College

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Sunday, 16th December 2018: Mass as usual at 10.00am

Sunday, 23rd December 2018: No public Mass at the College

Christmas Day, 25th December 2018: No public Mass at the College

Sunday, 30th December 2018: No public Mass at the College

Epiphany, Sunday 6th January 2019: No public Mass at the College

The Baptism of the Lord, Sunday 13th January 2019: Mass as usual at 10.00am


The community of the Pontifical Irish College, Rome, wish all the members of the Sunday Mass congregation, and all friends of the College, a blessed and happy Christmas.

Advent Carol Service 2018

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Advent Service and Carols 2017

An Advent Service and Carols will take place this Sunday, 9th December, at 5pm in the College Chapel. All are welcome to join us! 

Ministry of Acolyte

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Fr Paul Finnerty, Fr John Coughlan, Fr Tom Norris, Mr John McEneaney, Archbishop Patron Wong, Mr Joseph Keegan, Fr Paul Gitter, Msgr Ciarán O’Carroll

On Wednesday 21st November, Archbishop Jorge Patron Wong, Secretary for Seminaries at the Congregation for the Clergy, visited the College. He celebrated the Eucharist with the community and conferred the Ministry of Acolyte on two Irish Seminarians, Mr Joseph Keegan and Mr John McEneaney. 

The Ministry of Acolyte is a significant stage on the path towards ordination as a priest. The Acolyte’s ministry is a service at the Altar. It is complimented by the Ministry of Lector, which is a service to the Word, generally received before the Ministry of Acolyte. These two ministries – at the Altar and of the Word – are fundamental to the ordained ministry of the priest. 

Fr Ragheed Ganni Memorial Soccer 2018

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The Annual Soccer Tournament in memory of Servant of God, Fr Ragheed Ganni, took place on 17th November 2018. The winners this year were a new team from the University of Notre Dame Global Gateway who beat the Irish College in a great final. We wish them every congratulations! 

Thanks to Fr Bernard Healy for the photos which can be found here and to the Pontifical Scots College for the video above

Visit to Campo Verano – 1st November 2018

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As is customary in Rome on the Solemnity of All Saints, the College Community gathered in the Cimitero Verano to remember and pray for the dead. In a particular way, we remembered those students and staff of the College who died here in Rome and whose remains are interred in the Irish College plot.

Servant of God, Fr Ragheed Ganni

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Opening the Cause of Servants of God, Fr Ragheed Ganni and Companions

Servant of God, Fr Ragheed Ganni, in the Sanctuary of the College Chapel of the Pontifical Irish College around the time of his priestly ordination in 2001. Credit for the photo:

On Sunday next, 3rd June, the 11th Anniversary of the deaths of Servants of God Fr Ragheed Ganni and his companions, Fr Rebwar Basa, a priest of the Chaldean Patriarchal Archeparchy of Baghdad, will preach the homily at the Sunday Eucharist to be celebrated at the Pontifical Irish College. 

It was with great joy that the Community at the Pontifical Irish College became aware that the cause of Fr Ragheed Ganni, and his three companions, has officially been opened at the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. Fr Ganni was a student at the Irish College from 1996 until 2003. He completed his formation for the priesthood here, and he was ordained a priest of the Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul in 2001.

After ordination Fr Ragheed continued his studies at the Pontifical Irish College, and he gained a Licentiate in Ecumenical Theology from the Pontifical University of St Thomas, the Angelicum. In 2003 he elected to return to his home country of Iraq. On June 3rd 2007, after celebrating Mass, he was murdered along with his three companions who were subdeacons, one of whom was his cousin.

There are a number of steps involved in the recognition and canonization of saints. With the opening of Fr Ganni’s cause, the first stage has begun and he is now officially known as “Servant of God”. Competency in the cause has been transferred from the Archeparchy of Mossul of the Chaldeans to the Eparchy of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Detroit of the Chaldeans. What has now begun is a diocesan inquiry into the life, the martyrdom and intercessory power of the Servants of God Ragheed Aziz Ganni, Priest of the Archeparchy of the Mossul of the Chaldeans, and 3 Companions, Subdeacons of the same Archeparchy, killed in hatred of the Faith in 2007.


The Postulator of the Cause is Rev. Dr. Luis F. Escalante, JCD
Parrocchia Sant’Antonino Martire
Via IV Novembre, 2 – 02032 – Fara in Sabina (RI) Italy

Ministry of Acolyte 2018

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Bishop Patrick Walsh, Mr Colm Hagan. Credit for Images: Fr Damian Szewczyk

On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 Mr Colm Hagan, a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Armagh, was conferred with the Ministry of Acolyte by Bishop Patrick Walsh, Bishop-Emeritus of the Diocese of Down & Connor. 

The Ministry of Acolyte is the second ministry received by those preparing for ordination as a deacon and priest. The first ministry is Lector. Prior to ordination as a deacon seminarians enter Candidacy, the third step on the journey towards ordination. 

Mr Colm Hagan pictured with Bishop Patrick Walsh as well as seminarians and staff of the Pontifical Irish College. Credit for Images: Fr Damian Szewczyk

According to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, §98, “the acolyte is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. In particular, it is his responsibility to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if it is necessary, as an extraordinary minister, to distribute the Eucharist to the faithful. In the ministry of the altar, the acolyte has his own functions (cf. nos. 187-193), which he must perform personally.”