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Ministry of Acolyte

Posted on 21. Nov, 2018 in Carousel

Fr Paul Finnerty, Fr John Coughlan, Fr Tom Norris, Mr John McEneaney, Archbishop Patron Wong, Mr Joseph Keegan, Fr Paul Gitter, Msgr CiarĂ¡n O’Carroll

On Wednesday 21st November, Archbishop Jorge Patron Wong, Secretary for Seminaries at the Congregation for the Clergy, visited the College. He celebrated the Eucharist with the community and conferred the Ministry of Acolyte on two Irish Seminarians, Mr Joseph Keegan and Mr John McEneaney. 

The Ministry of Acolyte is a significant stage on the path towards ordination as a priest. The Acolyte’s ministry is a service at the Altar. It is complimented by the Ministry of Lector, which is a service to the Word, generally received before the Ministry of Acolyte. These two ministries – at the Altar and of the Word – are fundamental to the ordained ministry of the priest.