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Lenten Charity 2018

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Each year the Irish seminarians choose a charity to help focus the lenten almsgiving and intentions of the community who live at the Irish College, as well as those who join the community for the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist. This year a member of our Sunday congregration, Francesca Piana, proposed a De La Salle Project in India as a charity to which we might consider donating. She shared the following information with us from Mr Tom O’Neill, the Lasallian Developing World Projects Co-ordinator:

“Our project this year is the expansion of the facilities in St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School Keelamudiman, Tamil Nadu, India. St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School educates 721 poor and disadvantaged students (410 boys & 311 girls) from the rural area of Keelamudiman. The school also offers vocational training programs for women and the La Salle Vidiyal hostel provides accommodation and access to education for 218 boys, the majority Hindu, and the girls’ hostel caters for 132 girls. Literacy in the area is only 27%, compared to the national average of 79.9%. St Joseph Higher Secondary School has set a target to reach 75% literacy in the area.

As this is a vast rural area our project will comprise building new accommodation for students so that they can stay in the school during each school term. There is a dilapidated building there at the moment where some students live but is not fit for human habitation. Many potential students live too far from the school and have no means of transport. Hence they are not being educated. We also hope to build a proper kitchen for cooking food. The kitchen currently comprises a dirty hut where the food is kept and all cooking takes place outside. Finally we hope to build study facilities for the students. Currently students study out in the vast field. You can imagine what that is like where temperatures never go below 32°C, where dust blows everywhere during the dry season and where no study can be done during the Monsoons.

The cost of the project is €92,000. I hope that you will be in a position to help Francesca. Every euro is a great help and all monies are accounted for in our audited accounts each year.”