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Candidacy 2018

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L to R: Mr Anthony Briody, Bishop Brendan Leahy, Mr Declan McGeehan

On the Feast day of the Chair of St Peter, Thursday 22nd February 2018, Bishop Brendan Leahy, Diocese of Limerick, conferred Candidacy on two of our seminarians, Anthony Briody of the Diocese of Raphoe and Declan McGeehan of the Diocese of Derry.

“Sanpietrini” Paving Stones by Steward Butterfield is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As Bishop Brendan reminded the two men, candidacy is that moment when a seminarian makes an unambiguous public statement of intent to continue on the journey towards ordination as a deacon and as a priest.

In his homily the Bishop recalled the story of the “Sanpietrini”, the black basalt cobble stone from which many of the roads in the centre of Rome are constructed. The word “Sanpietrini” translates literally as “little St Peters”, a wordplay referring both to the little cobblestones and to St Peter, the rock of the Church. Bishop Leahy reminded the new candidates that they are to be “Sanpietrini” for others to follow towards Christ. The candidate for diaconate and priesthood is to get himself out of the way so that in him and through him others may find the Lord Jesus.